Measure plugin: Visual Spec for Sketch

By now, many Adobe Firework’s users migrated to Sketch 3 by Bohemian coding. Sketch became a lot mature than what it was a couple of years back. Sketch community is much stronger now, and moving forward with all of our supports. I will write a separate blog about Sketch 3, but here I just want to talk about one of the nice plug-ins for visual detail.

First, you need to download the plugin from

Unless you don’t know, this is the official site for Sketch plugins: has a lot of great other useful plugins as well. To me Measure size, Measure Spacing and Create note.. these are the most useful features. While measuring an object

Measure size, Measure Spacing and Create note.. these are the most useful features for me. While measuring an object, make sure you have an artboard while applying this plugin.


First create an object, then select that and then go to plugins > Measure and select Measure size to measure the size of an object, which would embed the measurement instructions on the artboard. Same for the Measure spacing, but you need to select one or two layers for it.

For most of my mockups / wireframe, I attach a quick instruction or spec note inside the design. For annotations on your design, I love their “Create Note feature”. It’s pretty handy for me to explain about the feature detail and flow for any mockup.

Finally, the best part of this Plugin is the “Spec export”, it does an amazing job of exporting a complete interactive visual spec for your design. Where user can select each object and get its visual details, including color, thickness, object’s name, positions and many more.


Overall this is a great plugin for Sketch 3.5 by Bohemian coding, Download it and give it a try.