iPhone 6 Plus. Read before you want one!

Yeaai! I got my iPhone 6 Plus. Some say its too big for them, some say its perfect! Now lets figure it out whether its something you want.

Can you hold in one hand?

Yes I can! Hallelujah! iPhone is bigger with iPhone 6 Plus, little bigger than Samsung Galaxy S5, if you are familiar with Android / Samsung big screen phones. But question is, whether iPhone 6 Plus fits in you palm. For me, I have big hands and my palms and fingers are bigger than the average size and not difficult to use in one hand. So yes, it’s a right fit for me. But my wife loves it, though it doesn’t fit well on her palm, and she needs to use both of her hands for it mostly.

Would it fit in my jeans pocket?

It fits easily in my jeans pocket! – Of course I am dude that’s why, but wont fit easily in women’s jeans pocket unless those jeans brands make special pockets for iPhone 6 Plus, and because its big, and if it fits in your pants pocket, I see my phone hasn’t dropped out of my pocket yet compared to my old iPhone 5.


Bigger screen, fast performance, its great for gameplay, video – lots of screen space for better readability and typing. I feel like not using my iPad much, and recently lot of drop tests came out its pretty durable compared to other smartphones.


Though it looks great on Apple’s website but the design itself looks cheap when you have an actual iPhone 6 in your hand, especially the space gray one. Compared to iPhone 5/5s – the body design of the phone itself looks like a cheap Android phone, even Samsung Galaxy/HTC’s designs are much better. iPhone 5/5s screen surface and edge finish was flat but now its roundish and curved finish, looks like a cheap toy – where they could have just adopted iPad or iPods original screen style. Especially the black front looks weird than the white front. Though, its back looks great for all colors, more like iPod’s latest look. I wish they had more colors like the iPod.

Another design flaw on the back of it, those big lines look like bandages on the back of iPhone, which is a bad design overall from Apple.

Though there are some useful features comes with iOS 8, but again, the design itself is not improved enough after iOS 6. Besides, lot of people are saying iOS looks like Android now a days.