Google Web Designer : Review. Best HTML5 design & animation tool like Flash

Adobe Edge Animation is a premature try for HTML5 animation from Adobe; With GWD you can have the similar friendly design experience like Flash, with total interactivity between different pages.

So what is Google Web Designer? Let me make it simple for you guys. Google Web Designer (GWD) tool is like Adobe Flash for HTML5, with some + – Features.

You are probably thinking, “Isn’t that what Adobe Edge Animation tool does?

My Answer is, “Not exactly!”


Timeline Controller

The entire user experience of GWD, especially the Timeline panel is pretty much similar and easier like Macromedia Flash, where Adobe Edge Animation timeline is really confusing and way different than Flash Animation/Design experience, I have used Microsoft Blend, so I think Adobe Edge Animation took the Timeline concept from MS Blend, where they had already a widely popular concept in the house. So, I think Google made a smarter move by borrowing the timeline panel from Macromedia Flash.


Timeline controller in GWD

Timeline controller in Flash

Timeline controller in Edge Animator


Pen Tool

Where Adobe Edge Animation just has only Rectangle and Oval drawing tool, GWD has the Pen and Line tools in addition, and you can draw any shape just like Flash or any other vector path based drawing tool.



3D Rotation

This proves Google thought way ahead of any other tool for HTML5 animation/design. With the 3D Rotation, you can animate your objects in 3D, and just think about how awesome your HTML5 Web site or ad-banner would be!




Better WYSIWYG than Edge Animation. If you are composing HTML5 – you need to have most of the commonly used tools, other than Bold, or Italic etc. Bullets and numbering, indent etc, and the best thing, you can use Google Web Fonts directly from here.



GWD Beta version is free. Overall it is a very powerful tool, but the cosmetic part of user interface is not clear/crispier in retina display, also it is not a native tool for Mac or PC. On Mac, you it has two menu bars including default mac menu as well. Also if I compare this with Flash, then some major of features are missing, like reusable objects or symbols, library, improved timeline experience etc. But it is a much better start from Google and too good compared to Adobe Edge or any other similar tools out there.

Finally, To Adobe: Its not too late to give the HTML5 capabilities to Flash, don’t let this powerful tool fade away, like the way you killed Macromedia Fireworks.