Bug on my site

Flash to HTML5 using Google Swiffy

Google created an awesome tool for Adobe Flash, where you can convert your complex, interactive Flash works to HTML5. It actually coverts your SWF/FLA to SVG, where SVG is the accepted technology to HTML5.

While re-designing my current site on HTML5, i wanted to bring my old bug back (if you dont know what that bug is, see if you can find a bug on my site at www.tawhidkhan.com 🙂

Bug on my site

Bug on my site

Yes, that bug was in SWF, and Google’s Swiffy saved my bug, otherwise it would have been harder for me to re-create that in HTML5 or maybe i had to kill my bug 🙁

Check out Google’s Swiffy gallery, or feel free to download this and convert your Flash to HTML5. Trust me, it is really powerful, and it would let you start working on Flash again, if you have been ditching flash for a while.