How to add Facebook comment on your WordPress

Pretty simple! First you need to create a Facebook App for your WordPress. You need to go to and

Facebook Developers Page


Create an app with an App Name, for me it was

Facebook Developers App Name


You at least need to provide these information for your blog app:

Basic  Facebook Developers3Make sure the App’s Sanbox mode is disabled, after you go live with your blog. You are almost done, now go to , download/install that plugin from your WordPress admin. You will find a Facebook item on your left navigation bar. Click that,

Facebook Plugin Settings ‹  WordPress


Provide your App ID and App Secret key that you got from your facebook app. Save it. Go to the Comment box from the WordPress Facebook plugin navigation.

Comments Box ‹ WordPress

Check where you want to show, post, page, attachment, check the other parameters. Save it!

You are done!!! 🙂 You can also do other stuff with Facebook plugin, e.g. Like Button, Send Button etc.